DANNER PLOYHAR  --  Brass Marker Magnum
DANNER PLOYHAR  --  Brass Marker Magnum

DANNER PLOYHAR -- Brass Marker Magnum

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Hi my name is Danner Ployhar, I am 16 years old and am a Sophomore at BCHS.  I am raising money to go on an educational trip to Italy and Greece. I have designed and manufactured brass markers to sell in order to raise money for my trip. I feel like this trip will be a great learning experience because I will get a chance to learn about other cultures and how other people live their lives.

The Brass Marker is designed to help you spot the difference between your ammo and your partners. You can each mark your own brass with a different color so you can easily identify which is yours. They are built with an arca mount on the bottom so you can easily attach them to a tripod or plate that uses an arca mounting system to get a larger work surface. There are three different types of brass markers, between the three of them they will work with practically any ammo you will need marked for competition shooting. Unlike other ones of the market, our brass makers mark the inside of the extractor grove, this means that the ink will not rub off on the inside of your chamber.