I remember in my early 20's, as a guide for an outfitter in the Sand Hills of Nebraska, taking a group of hunters known for being a part of the 'Best of the West' out for some mule deer. Generations before me had instilled already a passion for firearms and hunting, something that back then I hadn't quite realized yet how deep within by blood it coursed. I watched that day as those gentlemen went farther out on game than I had ever imagined and with lethal accuracy. It was shortly after then that I ran home and my first "long range" rifle built, a 6.5-284. That following summer, a close friend convinced me to attend my first local long range precision rifle competition. The next day my dirt bikes had "For Sale" signs on them, as I prepared to jump head first into what was quickly becoming more than just a hobby.
The next six years I found myself putting countless hours in on the phone and in my reloading room, trying to figure out all the details of this intoxicating sport. I had to assure my wife daily, "I love you more than guns and bullets!" as I squirreled away to the shop. However, motivated by my love for firearms, hunting, and competitions, these continuing experiences drive me to innovate, design, and create some of the leading products in precision rifle shooting today. My success, and eventual acquisition by Modular Driven Technologies of my now famous Ckye-Pod and other accessories, fuels the ambition of Old Balls inc to continue creating new products focused on helping shooters shoot farther. Whether hunting game at greater distances or banging steel on the clock, Old Balls inc wants to push the boundaries of what once thought possible, and give the shooters the absolute best tools possible.
          - Ckye Thomas | Founder